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Non-Stick Magic

UNREAL!!! Like seriously, what black magic is this nonstick?! I was cooking Rice Krispy Treats, truly NOTHING stuck.

-Amanda H.
<p>"No PFAS.</p><p>No BPAs.</p><p>No worries."</p><p></p>


No BPAs.

No worries."

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At Risa, we believe in cookware that creates connections. Every family’s table looks a little different, but we know behind each of them is laughter, memories, messy fingerprints, a tasty meal, and a pile of dishes when it’s all said and done. So, when we designed our lineup of cookware and accessories, we made it our mission to create more of these moments.

Starting with Risa cookware, we created 100% non-toxic pots and pans, each of which is impossibly non-stick with a one-of-a-kind honeycomb induction plate to create even heating throughout the cooking process. On top of that, we created lids that nest in the handle of our pots and pans to keep your counter clean.

We also know it’s all about the little things in the kitchen. So, we sought to spice up your kitchen with a full lineup of accessories, including our food-safe and dishwasher safe Stackable Steamer, Splatter Screen, and Pot Holders, as well as a Serving Stand that’s as environmentally friendly as it is beautiful.

All in all, everything that comes from the Risa is designed for people just like you. We’ll focus on the cookware and accessories, so you can focus on making the next meal and the next memory—because they happen to be the same thing.