<p>“No PFAS.</p><p>No BPAs.</p><p>No worries.”</p>


No BPAs.

No worries.”

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In the kitchen, it’s all about the little things—making sure the paprika is fresh, getting the perfect crust on your French toast, or a fresh leaf of basil in your marinara sauce. Even the smallest touches make all of the difference.

When we were thinking through our lineup of Risa accessories, we kept the same philosophy in mind. What little problems could we solve that would add up to a big improvement in your kitchen? The answer came in the form of a Stackable Steamer that nests perfectly into your pots and pans, is dishwasher safe, foldable, and food safe. We also created a Splatter Screen—also dishwasher safe, food safe, and foldable—to protect your skin and countertops from hot liquids while cooking. Then, there’s our dishwasher-safe and food-safe Pot Holders, designed to give you a secure hold on hot dishes. Lastly, we created a Serving Stand that’s environmentally friendly, super strong, and beautiful enough to impress your in-laws (crazy, we know).

We’ll be the first to admit, you don’t have to have these accessories. But, if you’re interested in creating more space for fun and laughter in your kitchen, then they may be worth picking up.